Tech Area

A selection of questions sent in by customers, Ed's answers and some other miscellaneous tips. Unless noted, tips are for all Fieros.

General Troubleshooting

Ran Out Of Gas - Won't Start
Priming Fuel System
Stumbles, Stalls, and Shuts Off
It Won't Start
Decarbonizing Kits


Clutch Diagnosis
Easy Transaxle Removal
125C Removal
Oil Soaked Flywheel (All)
Head Gasket (4 Cyl)
Camshaft Questions (4 Cyl)
Transmission Linkage (5sp Getrag)
V6 Differences
Air Filters
Air Filter Oil Bath
Hydraulic Clutch Problems
Oil Pan Gasket
Changing V6 Oil Pan Gasket
Clutch Fork Removal
V6 Waterpump
Relashing Valves
Changing V6 Starter
High Idle (V6)
High Idle on 2M4
V6 Valve Cover Gaskets
Tech 4 Timing Gear
Freeze Plug
Burping Coolant
Car Jerks
Over Heating on Highway
Red Manifold (4 Cylinder)
Four to Six/86 to 88

Engine Electrical

Changing Spark Plugs (V6)
IAC Problem
Bad Injector (4 Cyl)
4 Cyl Temp Sensors
6 Cyl Temp Sensors
Fuel Pump Stays Running
Engine Jumping/Stalling
Long Start
No Start When Hot
Failing Fuel Pumps
Hard Start/High Idle (4 Cyl)
Stubborn Motor
Backfire Through Intake
Missing Wire
Idle Problems
Intermittent Miss
Running Rich?
V6 Alternator Removal

Body Electrical

Phantom Wipers
Trunk Release Relay
Door Ajar Light (All)
Aux Gauges Question
Tachometer Stopped Working
Fan Relay
Radiator Fan Test
Washer Motor
Inaccurate Temp Gauge
Setting The Clock/Radio
Door Chime
Power Lock Question
87/88 Headlamp Stuck
Strange Headlight Behavior, 87/88
Interior Light Problem


Seat Covers
Changing Seats
Seat Belt Retainer
Emergency Brake Handle


Rocker Panels
GT Bumper Sagging
Changing Decklids
Sail Panel Changes
Fascia Repair
86 Door Lock


Cradle Bolts (1988)
88 Front Suspension Problems
Lighter Steering
Steering Column Wobble
Pulls to Side

Everything Else

AC Blows Hot Air
No Heat
Battery Runs Down
Battery Dies
Manual to Automatic Swap
4.9 in 84 Not Recommended