Our Services

As a full service repair facility, we can handle all Fiero related repairs, customizing, and installations. Some of the more specialized services we offer are below.

Engine Installations
Chevrolet Camaro 3.4 V6 Upgrades

We had a drill guide plate manufactured that allows drilling and tapping starter mounting holes on an assembled 3.4 longblock. After that it is simple to redress it with all the Fiero V6 parts so that it looks EXACTLY like the original engine. The 3.4's have a plug where the distributor installs (even TDC, but head is in the way, tried that to see if we could run TDC with Fiero computer). Just remove plug, install distributor, and you'll find the distributor hold down bolt hole is even threaded! There are a few easy bracket modifications to do or that we furnish.

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Cadillac 4.9 V8 Upgrades

This is an excellent powerplant for a Fiero. It is light, compact, and makes lots of Cadillac smooth power. The Cadillac 4 spd auto works well in a Fiero, and any Fiero manual trans bolts directly to the engine without adapters. There are no modifications necessary to the Fiero spaceframe. Be sure and check out Scott Perkins review of one of our installs.

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