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Ran Out Of Gas - Won't Start

Question: I have an '86 Fiero with a 2.5L that ran out of gas. Now there is gas in it and it wont start. Everything was fine until it ran out of gas. Any ideas?

Answer: Several ideas. Did you really run out of gas? Have you looked to see if there was a fuel spray from the injector when the engine was cranking? Does the fuel pump run (you can hear it by listening at the inlet)? Is there spark when the ignition coil wire is removed when cranking the engine? If not, some part of the ignition has failed.

If you ran out of gas, did the car backfire? That could shear some of the camshaft gear teeth. Easy way to check is to remove the oil fill cap and see if the valve rocker arms are moving.

Have you cycled the ignition switch. for 10 sec/s, for 10 sec's....(about 5 times) to reprime the fuel system? Just adding fuel and turning the switch to start will not fill the fuel lines if they are empty.

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