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V6 Waterpump

Question: After all of the people that I have heard ask "How bad is it?", it is with great trepidation that I am about to put a new water pump on my '85 GT.

I have the new pump and it doesn't look that bad. Just something like a dozen bolts... Maybe it's just lulling me into a false sense of security. Just in case, I'm warming up by practicing my cursing at the dogs ;) Anyway, my question is, the pump came with a little bracket/tool thingy and a page of instructions, for Citations and several others, to apply this bracket prior to removing the water pump bolts to keep the timing cover from separating from the block. It didn't mention our favorite car to replace water pumps on, but with our relative scaricity, I wanted to be sure the Fiero was not just left off the list.

Answer: Make sure the pump has a cast iron impeller that the vanes can only be seen from the sides.

It is the only one that creates the force to move coolant the entire length of a Fiero and back.

Removing the battery will help with the exchange. You don't need a bracket or "thingy" to keep the timing chain cover in place, but you do need to document where the bolts came from. There are different lengths and sizes that need to go back where they came from.

After cleaning the bolt threads (wire wheel is best), LIGHTLY coat all threads with RTV, as a couple go into the blocks water jacket.

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