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Question: As you might remember I was replacing the crankshaft pully and asked for some guidance. Thanks to those who passed along some tips, I managed to get the bolt out of the end of the crankshaft this morning. I decided since I was this close to it that I would check the timing gears. They were very worn, and several teeth in a row on the camshaft gear were worn almost down to nothing and barely engaging in the crankshaft gear. I bought replacements, but is there a trick to getting the camshaft gear off? Remember, there is no timing chain on my engine (Tech-4).

Answer: Here is a "trick" we use at the shop. It accomplishes 2 things.
1. Allows cleaning the gear debris out of the oil pan (very important)
2. Leaves the engine and cradle in the car without removing wiring or coolant.

1st, disconnect the battery and dogbone. Loosen the alt and remove belt. Next, remove the starter, a/c compressor, and 2 nuts holding the front engine mount. Then remove the crank hub/pulley and timing gear cover, but loosely reinstall the hub/pulley. Lift the engine with a floor jack (piece of wood under the pan) until a 2X4 on it's edge will go between the pulley and cradle.

This gives enough clearance to remove the pan. Remove the engine mount bracket. Remove the pan. Have a helper hold one of the cam lobes (can be seen with the pan off) steady with a crowbar and chisel off the fiber gear by spliting the alloy hub. If the cam moves forward, it will break the retainer or possibly let the lifters come of the cam lobes. If it moves into the engine, it can possibly knock the freeze plug into the bellhousing. Heat the new gear and tap it (gently) on while the helper is again holding the cam in place. Clean out the oil pan and reinstall everything that was removed.

Don't get in a rush. It takes LOTS longer to do (8-9 hrs) then it took to type this.

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