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Seat Belt Retainer

Question: I need a LH Seat Mechanism Cover (the part that covers the seat hinge and the seat belt goes through) for the driver's side. I have the stock gray interior paint to repaint one as long as it is in physical good shape. The little "tab" has broken off under stress on my son's and that is the area that really needs to be solid. I think these things were a tan color from the factory that had to be repainted for gray interiors, so a good used one or new if you have any is what I would be interested in.

Answer: We don't have a good seat belt guide, but they may still be available from Pontiac. However, yours sounds repairable. We used to go get a metal fan blade (spring steel) from a junkyard and cut a piece about 2" long that lays along the ledge the tab was molded to. We cut it as a thin rectangle but with a tab that could be bent up and then used 2 rivets to attach it to the ledge. The spring steel tabs never broke or bent again.

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