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Changing Seats

Question: You know that almost all the fieros that the drivers seatcover tends to rip after frequent use. I want to know if the passenger seatcover is the same on the '86 GT, '87 GT, '86 SE. Mine is an '86 GT.

Can the passenger seatcover fit on the driver's side? Because most scrap yards have the passenger side always very good, but not the driver's side. I want to purchase one from a local scrap yard (passenger side) but would like to know if this is possible for this conversion?

Answer: The back upholstery - upright seat skin covers - are the same, side to side. However, the upholstery must be removed and reinstalled on the other back. The back frames themselves are not interchangeable.

The bottom cushions can be interchanged (switch the tracks). There are provisions for attaching the recliner mechanisms on both sides. That will leave holes in the upholstery, but those would be next to the tunnel and cannot be seen. '86-87 GT, and '86-87 SE seats are all the same.

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