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Rocker Panels

Question: I tried to set my '86 Fiero SE with aero nose on a twin post lift but keep cracking the rocker panels. Can you give advise on how to do this? Or should I remove the rocker panels?

I need to remove the motor for a rebuild. Hopefuly, if I can get the motor done, I may be able to make next years swap meet in my car. Now I am in need of both rocker panels though.

Answer: Do NOT pick the car up by the rocker panels or pinch welds. Damage occurs, but guess you know this by now!! Pinch weld is used only by the factory jack at the correct location to change a wheel.

Under the car are 2 spots in the front where the lower frame rails attach to the floorboard. Use them.

In the rear there are 2 spots just in front of the engine cradle. It is where the cradle mounting brackets attach to the floorboard. Use those. This gives good balance with the engine in and with it out. It is what the Helm service manual shows.

If the car is lowered or lift legs are too high, drive the front wheels up on 1 or 2 pieces of 2X6's laid flat on the floor. We use 2 pieces, staggered, ends slanted and nailed together, approx 2 feet long on the bottom piece. That should give enough clearance for front and rear lift legs to go under.

Cracked rocker panels can sometimes be repaired with plastic cement and then fiberglass mat added inside for strength.

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