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V6 Alternator Removal

Question: I have a 1986 Fiero GT. I believe the alternator is in need of a replacement, as the battery does not seem to hold a charge for very long, even though it has been ran a lot. The battery is fairly new. Can you offer any suggestions as to the most convenient way to remove an alternator for this model?

Answer: You didn't say if car is auto trans or manual.

Manual can come out of the pass side wheel well after removing the wheel, liner, and toe adjusting rod from the spindle.

Auto cannot be removed that way.

Either can be removed from the top if exhaust manifold and air tube are first removed, but there is the danger of snapping an exhaust manifold bolt.

Perhaps the best way for either is to sit the car on jackstands, take one end of the dogbone loose, and with a floor jack under the rear of the engine cradle, lower the back of the cradle by removing the 2 straight up engine cradle bolts. That will give enough clearance to take the alt out from the bottom.

Take negative battery cable off before starting alt removal.

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