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Pulls To Side

Question: The car has had alignment/steering rack problems for a while. I recently replaced the rack & pinion with one from one of my parts cars and had an alignment done. The play in the steering is gone now and things are much better.

The problem that remains is when I give it gas it will pull to the left and when I let off it will pull back to the right. During the alignment I checked the bushings,tie rod ends and ball joints. All seemed tight. I have checked the cradle bolts and they are all tight. I have had the car on jack stands and cannot find any thing on either end that is the least bit loose.

The car does not pull under braking and tracks straight as an arrow with my hands off the wheel. Under hard cornering it requires little to no "Set up" and behaves like it is on rails. The motor mounts are new but the cradle bushings are (140K miles)original. I can't find play anywhere. What am I missing?

Answer: Acceleration/deacceleration "twist" almost always come from the rear. On '84-87 Fiero's, it's usually caused by (or a combination of) bad rear control arm bushings, bad rear ball joint/wallowed out knuckle hole, bad outer or frozen inner toe adjustment link (tie rod), or worse - the bracket the toe adjustment link attaches to on the engine cradle may have broken at it's weld. That is difficult to see due to the muffler and a heat shield. Usually on the pass (torque) side.

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