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Overheats On Highway

Question: Our 85 Fiero is overheating when on the freeway, but cools when we're going slower. It's been suggested that perhaps either:
A) A hose on the bottom is collapsing and should be replaced
B) That the auto transmission needs an additional cooler
C) The radiator needs to be cleaned out.

We recently put new wheels/tires on (they're usually used on Camaros, I think the dealer said, but they work!). We also wonder whether the new increased height messes up the air flow. So maybe we should put a larger air scoop/dam thingy on.

Sooo, group, what d'ya think? Any different ideas or experience with similar difficulties? We already know that we're less likely to overheat under normal circumstances if we always have an air conditioning button depressed so that fan is on.

Answer: Different tires and wheel should not cause overheating.

In your case, since temps are normal at lower speeds, it sounds as though the waterpump impeller is so worn as to not be able to circulate enough coolant at higher rpm.

Hoses almost always collapse (not much of problem on Fiero's) on the "suction" (return) side. That is the passenger side of a Fiero. For added peace of mind, the short hose from the radiator could be replaced, but doubt it is a problem.

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