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Oil Pan Gasket

Question: I have an '87 GT with 72K on the clock. I believe I need to change the oil pan gasket because of an oil leak. I was wondering if the home mechanic with out an engine lift or puller (cherry picker) could do this job without damaging any engine or other items? I read the Hayes manual and it says to support the engine from above. Is there any type of brace or something to do this with? At the same time I will replace all the mounts (i.e. motor mounts, transaxle mounts). Any assistance would be appreciated. I would like to get it back on the road soon.

Answer: The oil pan gasket can be changed by disconnecting the dogbone, Negative battery cable, and front engine mount nuts. Then placing a board under the oil pan, jacking up the engine and placing a 2X4 between the front pulley and engine cradle. That will give enough clearance for the oil pan to clear the crankshaft. Engine mount can be changed at the same time. The starter will have to be removed for access to that side pan bolts, and if auto, 1/4" swivel sockets will be needed for that side.

BTW, before doing all that, shine a flashlight at the base of the distributor. It is more likely that the distributor "O" ring is leaking. You will see a puddle of oil on the forward side if it is.

Trans mounts can also be changed by the board under the pan method, but under the bellhousing instead. It will be MUCH easier to remove the brackets w/mount attached.

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