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No Start When Hot

Question: Hi, I just purchased a 2.8L 86 SE (I think it's an SE with a GT body kit) with 109K miles. She's been running fine for a couple of weeks but has developed a fault. She won't start up when the engine is hot, it does crank when it's hot but it won't run. Sometimes it will start but only for a few seconds then it will splutter and die. It will also cut out after about half an hour's driving. I've been checking a few things and I've found out that when I turn the ignition on, the fuel pump doesn't prime the injectors for 2 secs like it normally does but it does pump when I crank it (well, there is 12V at the diagnostic terminal). I have checked for fault codes but there aren't any. Do you have any ideas?

Answer: This would be typical of an ignition part failing due to heat.

Ignition coil, ignition module, or pickup coil.

If you try to restart the car too quickly, the fuel pump will not turn on.

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