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No Heat

Question: I have an issue with my '86 GT. I noticed my heater was blowing air but not hot air (AC and venting work beautifully). I had a mechanic look at it and he said that nothing is circulating to the heater core. He also said my coolant system was not circulating, although I have driven several hours at a time and not had a single overheat. He recommended I take the car to the dealership or a Fiero specialist.. Winter approacheth and I have no heat!

Answer: Check to see if the cable attached to the "hot..cold" slider has come loose from the a/c-heater box or the controller. It opens and closes a "door" that allows heated air to enter the car.

Then look under the hood to see if someone bypassed the heater core (often done when it starts leaking).

Then look under the car to see if either heater line has been crushed closed by high centering the car.

If all the above are OK, and one of the hoses under the hood are warm, suspect a clogged core.

Since the car would overheat within minutes if there was no coolant circulation, one of the above should be the reason for no warm air from the heater.

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