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5 Speed Transmission Linkage

Question: I have a 86 GT with a V-6 5 speed. My manual (Haynes) has linkage adjustment but it look like it's for a 4-speed, are the adjustments the same? If not is their a manual that has adjustment for a 5-speed. Thanks!

Answer: Your Haynes manual is for the 4 spd. It does not cover the last 2000 86 V6's equipped with the 5 spd. Unfortunately, only the shift cable is adjustable on the Getrag. It seldom stretches, breaks, or "freezes" up. It's the cable that goes over the tranaxle and controls the fore and aft moving shift lever. If any/all the gears for forward shift lever movement 1-3-5 and those for rear movement 2-4-R engage, it will be adjusted OK. If either group don't completely engage all the way in gear, then place the shifter itself in neutral and the trans lever also. Adjust until you have a good neutral. Thats about all that can be done. Most Getrag shifting problems are caused by the select lever (up and down lever on the trans) not aligning the internal shift forks. Bad select cable or lever pivot pin/bushing are the usual cause. Check with for new parts. Grinding noises will be wear on the internal parts. Hope this helps.

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