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Intermittent Miss

Question: My '88 Fiero GT doesn't get driven much. On the last outing, an intermittent miss occurred randomly. It felt like an ignition miss, running on less than 6 cylinders, retarded spark, sort of thing. It came and went quickly. Towards the end of the drive it became permanent. I changed wires and plugs, cap and rotor and O2 sensor. No difference. No fault codes. Any ideas? I am thinking ignition module. Thoughts?

Answer: We doubt problem is module (it should have failed completely by now).

First, check all connections in the engine compartment. Then remove one plug wire at a time to isolate the non-firing cyl. When found, do a wire and plug switch from a different cyl. Recheck by removing one wire at a time again to see if miss stays in the same cyl. If so, injector is probably gummed up. If the miss moves, either plug or wire is faulty.

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