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IAC Problem

Question: Need some help here. Lately when I give my 2.5 the throttle it hesitates for sometimes a half second or more, but sometimes not at all. I tried the unplugging of the EGR valve and still no help.

I have this book now that gives the codes. It is flashing code 21 for sticking or misadjusted TPS, and flashing code 35 for the IAC. I do know the TPS was replaced last year so figure it maybe OK.

Before I spend the money on the IAC are there any other options that I should consider?

Answer: An IAC code will be set when the computer cannot control it for correct idle.

A TPS code will be set when the computer cannot recognize the voltage it sends in relation to other sensor inputs.

In your case, would expect the TPS is at fault since the IAC has no bearing on throttle hesitation. Regardless of when it was replaced.

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