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Fuel Pump Stays Running

Question: I own an '85 2M6. Just recently the fuel pump stays running when you turn the key off. The only way to stop the pump is to pull the fuse. I have just replaced the fuel pump relay and still have the problem. I was told it could be a bad ground in the fuel system wiring. I need some feed back on this and was wondering if anyone can tell me where the fuel pump ground is located on the car or if anyone ever encountered this problem and how they fixed it.

Answer: Reinstall the fuse, then pull the connection off the oil pressure sender. That should stop the pump from running. If it does, replace the oil pressure sender. The sender is a back up switch in case the ECM or relay fails (to get you home). It will turn on the fuel pump as soon as the engine reaches 4 PSI, and then keep it on while the engine is running. They can fail and keep the pump running at all times.

The fuel pump is in the tank. Don't know who told you about a "bad" ground. They need to understand that electrical parts do not operate without a ground.

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