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Question: Dear Ed,
1. What everybody says and tries could be a different story, but does the K&N filter outperform the stock or replacement filter unit?
2. But with the fiero's air box; it's so restrictive, right??
3. Does it help increase air flow and HP as said?
4. I have one but want to know if its worth it to buy a filter charger kit...
5. Do you use them?
6. Is it better to keep changing a cheaper paper filter more often?

Answer: This is our opinion. That and $1 will buy a cold drink, so take it for whats it's worth to you.
1. If you have an engine that needs/uses MASSIVE amounts of filtered air, the K&N will flow more then stock paper ones.
2. The Fiero's air box and filter are NOT the most restrictive area of the air induction system (V6). The throttle valve body, upper, and middle pleneums are. Therefore, just changes to the air box or filter will be of little/no help in engine performance (flame suit on!). 4 cyl Fieros have little need for extra air due to their relatively low rpm capability.
3. Under some circumstances. However, not on most computer controlled stock engines. The optimum air/fuel ratio has been predetermined/programed, and extra "Potential" air flow is negated by the O2 sensor's imput to the computer.
4. Due to the Fiero's unusual (V6) filter air flow (from the rather small easily clogged inside area, through to the larger outside area of the filter), filters should be changed far more often then most are (probably even more often then the GM recommended 15K miles). So, a qt of lightweight oil and some soap and water will probably cost less in the long run (not the "Filtercharger kits"), then buying paper filters
5. Yes.
6. What really matters is a clean filter, washed or replaced. Understand, K&N begin their business in various racing venues (particularly dirt tracks) and their filters flowed a superior amount of filtered air and they could be cleaned between races (a very small customer target). What you see and hear today, is mostly advertising "hype" to "wannabe" racers. Makes for a much larger "mainstream" business, but most all real racers will use K&N's.

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