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Fascia Repair

Question: I recently broke or cracked right through the front facsia (bottom front end) on the highway and hit a hard piece of snow that was on the road, possibly from a big truck.

What do you recommend to repair this kind of plastic? (endura-flex panels) Can I use fiberglass to fix it? Or is it just better to replace the whole front facsia? Like you said before I could probably do a better job if my father and I had the time to fix this; or then maybe not? Or would a body shop have the perfect material to fix the front end properly, prep & paint?

Answer: Fiberglass on the INSIDE may help with support, but there is plastic welding, and special epoxies (from body shop suppliers) that do a better job with a crack/rip. They will not help with a hole.

Plastic welding and epoxies are also done from the inside, so you will have to remove the facia. Epoxies do a better job and are usually easier for a DIY'er.

You could also call a major body shop (not a dealer), to find out if there is a "bumper repair shop" in your area (that's how they are listed in most phone books) that they use. That is all they do - repair urethane facias - and will do a better job then you or a body shop.

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