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Door Chime

Question: Did all Fiero GT's come with door chimes? If so,could it be a chime relay that is finished or broken? On my '86 Fiero GT I never heard any thing when the doors are open. Were they only offered on full equipped GTs? Will I ever hear it again?? Where is the relay located? Is it possible to fix?

Answer: All Fiero's came with a door chime. There is no relay, but there are circumstances necessary before they "sound off". Perhaps you haven't met the circumstance.

Such as...

Headlights left on when the ignition switch is shut off.

Key left in the ignition switch when a door is opened.

Handbrake is applied when the ignition switch is turned on.

Although expensive new, they are a "dime a dozen" used, since every Fiero had one (they are all the same) and lots of owners remove them. They would be far below our $20 minimum order though.

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