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Door Ajar Light

Question: I've discovered the door ajar light is staying on in relation to the driver's door. I just finished installing a new door ajar switch but once the door is shut and the key is out, the door ajar warning light is still coming on. Yet, the dome lights come on and go off appropriately in relation to the switch so it's really got me buffaloed. Does that one switch feed into a separate circuits controlling both the door ajar warning light and the dome lights? Can I simply disconnect the ajar switch and only lose the dome light coming on when the door is opened or are their other things in the circuit it will mess up?

I'm glad there is an expert on these cars like yourself to ask for these occasional issues that get me "stumped" as the local mechanics here often give me info that I'm not too sure about. For instance, a local mechanic said the door ajar switch on my car (an '86) is located in the door itself at the locking mechanism but my manual says that was only in the '84-'85 models and that the only switch on the later models is this "push-pin" type switch I'm seeing where the forward inside door edge meets the car.

Answer: For a change, a mechanic is correct about a Fiero.

The ajar switch is located on the door latch of all 86-88 Fieros. It is black plastic (looks like the one on the trunk latch). The pin switch you see is for the dome lights (that is why they are working).

If your car does not have one, the door has been changed to 84-85, which did NOT have the switch on the latch.

Throw away the manual you have!!

Pin switches are used on all year Fiero hoods, in the door jambs, and for the trunk on 84-85's ajar lights.

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