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V6 Differences

Question: Are there any differences between an '86 2.8 V6 and an '88 2.8 V6? I have an '86 SE 2M4 with the V6 that I got for parts and was wondering about swapping engines since my '88 has 170,000 miles and the '86 only has 83,000.

Answer: Yes, there is a major difference between the two 2.8's, as well as many minor ones.

The major one is internal crankshaft balancing on the 88, which means you CANNOT use that flywheel on the 86. You MUST use an 85-87 flywheel, whether auto or manual trans. However, a clutch or torque convertor will bolt on the same to either flywheel and do not have to be year specific.

The minor ones can be changed. The 88's differences include the alt size, alt heat shield (on the exhaust manifold, not the alt), exhaust crossover pipe, EGR valve pipe, oil pressure sensor, upper plenum (engraved with "Fiero"), front engine mounting bracket, and quite likely the engine wiring harness connection at the injector harness (rectangular vrs flat). The differences between the timing chain cover and oil pan means that you can't use just one without the other (each uses a different pan gasket).

Except for the flywheel, front engine mount bracket, exhaust crossover and EGR pipes, the 86 engine w/wiring harness could be installed complete. The engraved pleneum could just be switched.

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