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Changing Decklids

Question: I am kind of wondering about my 84's rear deck lid. It has slots/vents in it, where as, I have noticed other year models do not have them. Why did Pontiac stop using that design? Should I replace mine with a deck lid without slots/vents? Thanks.

Answer: The 84 trunk with center heat grille was not even real good for the 4 cyl (only engine in 84), as it allowed rain to fall onto the exhaust manifold and main wiring (C-500) connection. It also proved too weak to use with the stronger decklid springs necessary to hold up the Indy decklid which was standard with a wing.

When the V6 was introduced in 85, that grille had minor clearance problems with the V6 intake. It would also have allowed water to drain directly onto the plugs and forward exhaust manifold at all times. And, many 85 GTs were ordered with a wing that required the stronger springs. Therefore, the decklid was redesigned.

Later decklids are a direct bolt on but also need the matching side heat grilles installed at the same time. Replacement of the 84 decklid is a matter of personal choice (looks), or if you want to add a wing. Hope this helps.

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