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Setting The Clock/Radio

Question: How do you set the time on the clock that is part of the AM/FM cassette stereo with the 5 band equalizer.

Answer: You have a "Scan" and "Seek" button on the radio. On the far right side is a tiny button marked "Set". Press the "Set" button and immediately push the "Scan" button. That will run the hrs on the radio face. After correct hr is found, you can push "Set" button again and then "Seek". That will run the minutes.

To set radio stations, manually tune or scan for a program you like. Then push "Set" and the radio button you want it to be on. After the 4 buttons are filled, you can push "Set" and 2 side by side buttons to have another preset station. You can actually have 7 stations preset by doing that, although it is a bit bothersome to have to push 2 buttons at a time for the last 3 presets.

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