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Burping Coolant

Question: I don't recall the recommended procedure for "burping" removing air from the cooling system. Can anyone outline for me please?

Answer: Here is how we do it.

Remove radiator cap, thermostat housing cap, and thermostat with the car on level surface.

Add coolant into the thermostat housing until it runs out of radiator cap opening.

Replace radiator cap.

Slowly add more coolant until thermostat housing is full. Replace thermostat cap - leave thermostat out.

Run engine for 15-20 seconds.

Remove thermostat cap and slowly add more coolant until thermostat housing is full again.

Replace thermostat cap and repeat previous 2 steps until no more coolant can be added. (Might be 4-5 times.)

Install thermostat and cap.

Run engine until warm and add coolant to "Full When Hot" mark on over flow jug.

Check jug next day. Should be at "Full When Cold" mark.

Takes quite awhile, but gets system completely full, and usually only has to be done every couple of years.

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