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Manual to Automatic Swap

Question: I have a '86 GT. It has a V6 and 4 speed. I want to replace 4 speed with automatic. Yep, I'm old with weak left leg. Question: Does the 4 cylinder automatic bolt up to a V6? If so, is it strong enough?

Answer: It will bolt up, and be strong enough, but will not have the same final drive ratio as what would have been in your 86 GT.

There are a "few" other things to do.
1. Add a trans cooler or change to an auto V6 radiator.
2. Remove the clutch hydraulic system and add the trans cooler lines.
3. Plug the dash firewall where the clutch master was.
4. Change the pedal assembly and make minor wiring splices.
5. Change the steering column.
6. Pull radio, HVAC controls, and center mounting skeleton.
7. Install shifter, lockout cable, shift cable and add light to shifter.
8. Drop engine/engine cradle and remove trans and axles.
9. Rewire engine with V6 auto harness, change water crossover pipe.
10 Change to V6 flywheel and bolt trans and axles back to engine/cradle.
11 Change pin location in C-500 for starter wire.
12 Reassemble car using an auto shift console!!

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