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AC Blows Hot Air

Question: Over a year ago the auto shop told me that I had a leak in the evaporator, and Would cost over $500 to fix. Now, I have a can of Fix-it Stop Leak and 2 cans of Dupont Iglo Freon R-12, and I had an A/C Hose/valve kit from years ago. My questions are:
1. Where is the low pressure service valve? I can see three dust caps for valves - two are on the silver 3" Dia can thing in front and one is down below to the right like an inline T in the pipe.

2. Do Fieros have a A/C sight glass ?

3. I plan to put in the Stop Leak, then 1 or 2 Cans of Freon. I am a dummy when it comes to cars - will what I plan to do Work?

Answer: We'll try to help with an answer.

1. Low pressure side is on the accumulator (3" dia can thing)

2. No sight glass.

3. Fiero a/c systems take approx 44 oz of oil and Freon by weight. 1 or 2 cans may not be enough to turn on the compressor for circulation.

You should purchase a Helms manual if you wish to service the car yourself.

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