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86 Fiero Door Locks

Question: Paul McKibben gave me this link in hopes of you being able to enlighten me on how to replace the door lock cylinders in my daughter's Fiero, or where to find a text procedure on how to replace them.

I have the parts already. I'm a mechanic at a Pontiac Dealership, but unfortunately we don't have a body shop, and service manuals don't cover this type of repair. I removed the driver's side door panel but can't tell if cylinders are replaced from inside or out. I can't tie her car up long as she needs it for work and high school.

Any help whatsoever would be GREATLY appreciatated. Thank you, a frustated dad.

Answer: It will be long to type. Please read it all before starting.

Lock cyls are attached to a bracket that is attached to the outer door panel. A "C" clip on the lock cyl is between bracket and outer panel. Nearly impossible to remove/reinstall from inside the door, but you might try that first.

Outer panel can be "opened" enough from the rear door edge to reach "C" clip without total removal, but varies between '84 (has "feather" fastners along top of outer panel and pulls straight out....gently) and '85-88 models (top of outer panel sits in a groove and is lifted straight up) . Basically, body side molding must be removed (will require 4 new clips to me, have them ready, they are still available) to reach a screw just in front of the door handle that holds the outer panel to the door crash beam. Body side molding has a "feather" fastner under door handle that is pried out, molding is pulled outward, and is then slid forward to come off the front clip. Then remove covered 4 screws (most are torx, some are allen head) on inside rear edge of door. Then all plastic rivets under door edge (if car has ground effects, they can stay on the door panel or be lifted off their bracket). Door panel should then pull up/out enough for access to the "C" clip and lock rod will lift out of lock lever but has a clip that holds it to the lock cyl (don't drop it).

If that does not give enough access, then mirror is removed (another story) and 3 covered screws inside the front door edge removed to allow the outer panel be taken entirely off. If you decide to or have to take the outer panel off, start with the front 3 inside door edge screws FIRST. They have a tendency to strip. If one does, then door must be removed at the hinges to have access to them. If any of the 4 on the rear strip, break off the plastic cover and use vise grips. There is no room to use vise grips or anything else on the front 3. The front body molding clip/screw is then removed and outer panel will come off.

As the manuals say....installation is the reverse!! Just DON'T forget to get the lock rod back in it's hole in the lock lever as the outer panel is reattached, or all this has just been practice!!!

Nasty job that would have been so much easier if Pontiac had just put the lock cyl "C" clip toward the inside of the bracket for access through the interior panel.

If this doesn't help enough, would you mind giving us a call?

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