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Joe Magee - Swap Meet Attendee

It was well worth the drive! Got to peek under many hoods and stroll about MANY Fiero's! I always like getting to put faces to all of my friends that I've met on-line! I had too much to eat and got too much sun and almost had too much fun! Thank you to Ed, Rosey and everybody else that made this a success! I hope this isn't the 1st and last swap meet!(I hear it isn't YEAH!)

What else can I say? Rodney Dickman had some cool new stuff (loved the valve stem caps!) Dave Kauzlarich had more literature than the law allows!! (brochures, manuals,press books etc) It seemed like Ray and Sheryl New were just about giving away a truck load of body panels! Charlie and Cindy White WERE giving away stuff (might as well have been, they were killing us with the $1, .50 & .25 bins of stuff!!) Paul McKibben had absolutely beautiful sail panel replacements and a really cool Pegasus hood emblem reminiscent of the TA hood adornment!

I just had to get the "Fiero Factory" window sticker (as well as a couple of other trinkets!) Somebody got to walk away with a cash 50/50 door prize and somebody got to win the $300.00 Mr. Mikes gift certificate donated by Les Sanders! We got to drive different Fiero drive train combinations (loved the 3.4/4speed auto 88 coupe of Bob Iannacone) and actually saw 2 people (Les Sanders and Al Corelli) that were envying each others rims, go to the tire store down the street and trade rims!! Now that's a swap meet if ever I've seen one!

Got to see a 1.6 rocker conversion in progress on Phil Stevens' immaculate 88 Formula (got some useful part numbers from him too!) Was able to add to my "how to" collection, a video taping of 2 different ways to perform dew wipe replacements, thanks to Charlie and Pat Ham for the use of Pat's car, Jeremy Biggs for the use of his tools and his working on a day off and to Joe Piotrowski for bringing his "dew tool" from FL, and the Michigan Fiero Club for having the dew tool design on their web page so that Joe had the info to access!

Ed has really been putting those certificates he's selling to good use. I saw a couple of really nice cars there that certificate money enabled him to rescue from the crushers!!! (Ed I think I do want that 88 GT auto!) The Fiero Factory Tee shirts and window stickers will probably be available for a while longer, so make sure you buy one or two of them! It's a great way to support a guy that doesn't even get to eat a warm dinner because he's so busy giving out free advice to many of us!! (God bless him and Rosey for understanding his passion)

It was FUN!! Take care and God bless.

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