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R.J. Hooper - Satisfied Customer

So my friend Scott Perkins drives his 88' Gt 5 spd down to Ed's Fiero Factory to have a 4.9 out of a Cadillac installed. All said and done he gets his motor, ends up switching to an automatic transmission (which I still think was a bad idea), gets new dew wipes, a really cool looking exhaust, and about a billion other mods done at the same time. He comes back giddy as heck like a kid in a candy store and takes me for a ride. Now I'm sure you have ridden in some fast cars in your time if you're a car buff like me and the guys at the Fiero Factory, but believe me when i tell you that this car is FAST!!!! This is one of those cars where you put a $20 bill on the dash board and tell your best friend that he can have it if he can reach it within the first 3 gears..

However, he also told me about this car that Ed loaned him to drive while his conversion was being done. Just a little 85' SE, not much to look at, cool wheels, average looking Fiero. Scott starts zipping around town in this little 4 spd and starts thinking "Man, this thing is quick". Comes back to Ed and comes to find out that it was a 3.4 conversion mated to a regeared trans with a 4:10 rear end in it! Not to mention the headers, Eibach suspension, rear sway bar, Koni shocks, and 4 corner vented grand am brakes!! Can you say sleeper??? The best part was when Scott told me Ed only wanted $4k for the little rocket!

So Scott leaves my home town of Indianapolis and heads back to Cincinnati. I ran straight home and pulled up The Fiero Factory web site on my computer and took a look at her. I'll be the first to tell ya that my eyes got bigger than a 4th grader with a Playboy! For the next 6 months that car remained as my screen saver and wall paper on my computer at work. In the mean time I was wheeling and dealing cars trying to come up with the cash to pay for her before someone else did. I must have emailed Ed over 100 times asking every question that ever popped into my head (make sure not to ask him to take less than he is asking for something, he is always very, very fair).

Sure enough, on the weekend of April 26 03', I managed to come up with the money for the car. I emailed Ed and told him the car was sold. In emailing back and forth we decided to switch the wheels for some with good tires since I had to go back to Indianapolis in her, and he didn't charge me a dime for that, he wouldn't let me pay him for the new battery it needed since it had been sitting, and he sold me his last trailer hitch for $50!! That was 1/3 of what I expected to pay!

My love of my life and I packed the little 89' Mazda and dragged my best friend with us to pick up the car in good ol' Alabama. He drove the Mazda back because my girl doesn't drive a stick too well in traffic or on hills. But she's learning. Anyway, we arrived there on what happend to be the Annual Swap Meet. There were so many Fiero's there I thought my eyes were gonna jump out of my head!! Took me no time at all to find Ed and I stole the keys to the car as soon as I could. After I got my thrill from the neck snapping acceleration, I spent some time at the meet with some of the other finatics and my girl. There was plenty to keep me busy for days. We all even went out to a great mexican resteraunt as a big group and talked fieros for hours. There were some interesting people there I'll tell ya.

But to keep a longer story shorter, got my car and left for home on Sunday and had a very wild ride on the highway while Scott (who also drove down and came back with us on the road) and I toyed with Beemers that thought they had fast cars. Scott knows what I'm talking about...... We made it home just fine and I've been tearing up imports ever since. I love the look on their face when a 4 cyl looking 85 with a bad paint job leaves them standing still. If I listen real careful I can still hear the buzz bomb 100 yds back through my sun roof. It's a really pathetic thing. Oh yeah, and this little sleeper I got, she was Ed's personal little baby that he built specificaly to be a sleeper. I promise to take care of her Ed, and thanks alot for all your help and generosity. I'll see you next year!!!!

R.J. Hooper

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