Customer Experiences

Larry Henthorn - 3.4 Conversion Recipient

With over 140-thousand miles on my 1988 base coupe, things were starting to fall apart. The 4-cyl was on its last legs and the transmission was about to go. It would have been easier to just purchase a new car, but I like my Fiero so I hit the Web for Fiero information and eventually found references to Ed Parks. It took a lot of emails back and forth with Fiero Factory customers before I finally decided to let Ed put a 3.4 in my little toy.

The trip to Toney was not exactly a hoot. We left Little Rock with my wife following me in her Camry. It didn't take 30-miles before smoke started coming out the back of my car. I hadn't had the thing at freeway speeds for any length of time in over a year and it was really throwing oil. I checked the dipstick, and added oil. Big mistake! Of course it wasn't really low at that point, and now I was throwing oil with a vengeance. Big gunky drops all over my wife's new car...all the way to Toney. I was lucky it only took three washings to get her car clean again.

The idea was for Ed to replace the engine and transmission, and for me to bring the suspension and brakes back up to snuff. However, by the time all the parts came in, the car was in Toney. So, I boxed everything up and sent it all to Ed. I really did not want to do that work sitting (reclining?) in my dirt and gravel driveway in the hot Arkansas summer heat. There were several phone calls, many emails (make sure Ed knows exactly what you want and you know exactly what he would normally do), much waiting for more parts and a month later the car was done.

We drove to Ed's (an honest and truly nice guy) and I walked right up to my shiny newly painted Fiero while my wife was still looking for it. She could not believe it was the same car! After taking it for a drive, I couldn't believe it either. Next morning, we headed off to the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville where she spent several hours touring the facility. I spent 15-minutes. After all, I had my own little rocket ship.

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