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The Fiero FactoryLooking for a used Fiero? We have donors priced from "low end" to "no end". At The Fiero Factory, we sell cars with potential. Our cars are solid platforms that you, the owner, can take to the next level whether it's a stock Fiero, modified Fiero, or even a kit car. We offer you the chassis - you give the car the chance. We can work with you to ensure that you end up with the Fiero of your dreams. Color selection, body style, powertrain and suspension options are just a few of the choices we can help you make. Browse our inventory, and then contact us so we can share your dream and help you make it a reality.

Need parts instead? We have those too - most ready for immediate shipment! With over 100 donor vehicles at our disposal, we are sure to have the right part to get you back on the road soon.

Our 3 step decarbonizing kit eliminates hard, baked on carbon deposits on virtually every aspect of the intake system, from fuel tank to combustion chamber and beyond. Intake ports, injectors, intake valves, and throttle bodies are all cleaned, resulting in reduced harmful exhaust emissions and restored engine performance. Read more for more information and pricing.