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Scott Carlson - Satisfied Customer

Just a note to all of you who may need specific parts you just can't get anywhere else. Ed Parks from was a top notch resource and really came through for me for an EGR riser that I broke the other day. And he went beyond the call to ship a part right away. So if you are looking for hard to find parts and need fast friendly service, he and their staff are top notch. Highly recommended! Thanks Ed!

Scott Perkins - 4.9 Conversion Recipient

Since getting the 4.9 V8 conversion from The Fiero Factory installed in my Fiero, I put 30,000 miles on my car. I drove my car from Cincinnati to Los Angeles and back, during the hot summer in August. I drove it through the hottest part of the desert, up long steep hills at high speed with the A/C turned on, and the temperature stayed below 200 degrees except for one five minute period when it hovered around 220 (The red line is at 240). Most of the time the gauge stayed right on 180 degrees. The engine bay even stays cooler now than it did with the original V6 engine. I drove through the mountains in Colorado at over 10,000 ft altitude. The engine had no trouble adapting to all these conditions, and ran well on the 85 octane gas they sell up in the mountains.

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Joe Magee - Swap Meet Attendee

It was well worth the drive! Got to peek under many hoods and stroll about MANY Fiero's! I always like getting to put faces to all of my friends that I've met on-line! I had too much to eat and got too much sun and almost had too much fun! Thank you to Ed, Rosey and everybody else that made this a success! I hope this isn't the 1st and last swap meet! (I hear it isn't - YEAH!)

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Dennis LaGrua - Decarbonizing Kit Tester

I own several Fieros including an 85GT with 97K miles. Last month I noticed that performance had been a bit sluggish so I decided a major tune up was in order. The engine was running way rich due to a defective 02 sensor and a tuneup was also needed. After doing the major tune up and replacing the sensor, a significant performance improvement was noticed but it still seemed like the engine was not operating at full potential. After checking and rechecking all adjustments, cylinder leakdown, hoses etc. nothing unusual turned up. Since the engine had some miles on it and it ran rich for a while, I theorized that carbon buildup in the intake system, combustion chambers and dirt in the injectors may be the problem. A neighbor of mine who is a tool, die and mold maker has access to a $3000 fiber optic camera and often inspected his engines with it. When I told him of my theory he suggested that we do some checks. He volunteered to help me with an engine inspection and suggested that we start by looking inside the cylinders and see how they looked.

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Doug Chase - Satisfied Customer

The following is a true story about the kindness and generosity of our fellow Fiero owners. Bits and pieces of this story have been posted to the Fiero list so you may have heard part of it. Last August ('98) I bought a near mint condition 71k mile '88 GT 5-spd from the original owner. I drove this car for about 3 months and 3k miles and then I got in an accident. The insurance company totaled the car so I bought it back and was going to part it out. I had some parts removed, sold, and shipped, and I had committed to a couple other deals. Somewhere along this time Ed Parks emailed me and indicated that he thought the car could be fixed. I sent him some pictures and we talked about it and finally decided to do it. I now had two obstacles to overcome -- one, I had already sold some of the parts, and two, I live 2600 miles from Ed's shop.

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Larry Henthorn - 3.4 Conversion Recipient

With over 140-thousand miles on my 1988 base coupe, things were starting to fall apart. The 4-cyl was on its last legs and the transmission was about to go. It would have been easier to just purchase a new car, but I like my Fiero so I hit the Web for Fiero information and eventually found references to Ed Parks. It took a lot of emails back and forth with Fiero Factory customers before I finally decided to let Ed put a 3.4 in my little toy.

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Don Vellenga - Decarbonizing Kit Customer

Today I put the Fiero Factory decarb system in my fuel tank (1/2 half can of the 2 cans provided). This system really works. I have never been a fan of "motor cures in a can" but within 2 miles of driving I was able to notice a difference in the power and the exhaust note. When I stopped, the idle was smooth (it has always been rough since I bought the car). I don't know if the system will work for all Fieros but it sure worked for me and I have another treatment ready to go. Thanks Ed.

Randy Agee - Swap Meet Attendee

Like....... I'm talking major Loony Toons type of crazy. This guy lives in Alabama, drinks gallons of gooey black coffee, smokes enough cigarettes to keep RJ Reynolds going strong, and has a place called the "Fiero Factory". Now I ain't knockin' Alabama or nothin' like that.... it's a beautiful place. It's just that it's not, know, quite located in the most accessible place for the major population centers of the US to get to. That alone should qualify Ed for an extended vacation at the Funny Farm.

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David Brown - 3.4 Conversion Recipient

Ed and Rosie, I would like to thank you and your staff for a very well done and timely engine conversion (2.8 to 3.4). Your work was on time, under budget, and of a quality well above most other companies work. I had many non-fiero people question my decision to bring my car to the Fiero Factory for the conversion but now that it's finished they see the care and detail that were used in the installation. A big thanks goes to Ed for keeping me informed of the work as it progressed, fixing broken parts proactively and telling me about things that needed to be done (fix EGR). Rest assured, your reputation is well deserved and will only get better. I am looking forward to working with you for all of my Fiero specific needs in the future.

R.J. Hooper - Satisfied Customer

So my friend Scott Perkins drives his 88' Gt 5 spd down to Ed's Fiero Factory to have a 4.9 out of a Cadillac installed. All said and done he gets his motor, ends up switching to an automatic transmission (which I still think was a bad idea), gets new dew wipes, a really cool looking exhaust, and about a billion other mods done at the same time. He comes back giddy as heck like a kid in a candy store and takes me for a ride. Now I'm sure you have ridden in some fast cars in your time if you're a car buff like me and the guys at the Fiero Factory, but believe me when I tell you that this car is FAST!!!! This is one of those cars where you put a $20 bill on the dash board and tell your best friend that he can have it if he can reach it within the first 3 gears..

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Ron Menzie - Satisfied Customer

Hi Ed and Rosy, The return trip was without a hitch. I like the tranny and its shifting. I just want to thank you for not only the initial engine and transmission installation but most important, your dedication in customer satisfaction after the sale, something that is rare in today's business world. I doubt if you ever need a referral, however I would not hesitate to brag on you. Keep in touch Ron. Hi from Joyce. Shhhhh, it feels like her car is faster but I wont tell her! (hahahah)

Andy Simon - Decarbonizing Kit Customer

In case you wanted to post this one as an endorsement for the decarb Kit, here is what it did for my 88 GT. I still have the first start up lack of power, but the time is MUCH shorter, only about 3-4 minutes. Using the decarb Kit has eliminated the low speed lurching/jerking, like in a traffic jam which is most every afternoon in Atlanta traffic. Car pulls, from about 1,500 rpm, very smoothly and seemed to give just a tad more power below 2,100. It worked better than when I had the injectors purged by "Precision Tune", though the cleaning they did helped. Overall the car is just much more fun to drive now. My car just turned over 142,000 and is running the best since I got it with 120,000 on it.

Paul Murtha - 4.9 Conversion Recipient

I recently spent a week in the company of Ed Parks and his crew at the Fiero Factory for a 4.9 conversion of my '88 yellow Formula. I signed up for a four-day stay at the "Fiero Hotel", a trailer efficiency apartment that Ed has converted for extended customer stays, and spent five days participating (read that as getting in the way) in my conversion. I learned a thousand things and met numerous great folks and world-class Fiero mechanics. I now know the nuances of my 4.9 much better than I ever would have otherwise and I am much more appreciative of the artistry involved in accomplishing a quality conversion. Plus - I had a HUGE amount of fun! Ed charges a minimal price for use of his spare apartment and the free camaraderie is unsurpassed. I would hardily recommend this level of involvement to anyone who wants to immerse themselves in their Fiero for a week.

Don Kellogg - Decarbonizing Kit Customer

Ed - Feedback on your engine cleaner kit: I sprayed the aerosol cleaner into the throttle valve on my '88 GT over the weekend, and I've run through 1/2 tank of gas so far with 1/2 can of the other two cleaners mixed in, and it performs like a new engine! No more erratic idle, and the engine runs noticeably crisper everywhere. Feels like a different car and I'm enjoying the heck out of driving it now. Highly recommended. Thanks!