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Doug Chase - Satisfied Customer

The following is a true story about the kindness and generosity of our fellow Fiero owners. Bits and pieces of this story have been posted to the Fiero list so you may have heard part of it.

Last August ('98) I bought a near mint condition 71k mile '88 GT 5-spd from the original owner. I drove this car for about 3 months and 3k miles and then I got in an accident. The insurance company totaled the car so I bought it back and was going to part it out. I had some parts removed, sold, and shipped, and I had committed to a couple other deals. Somewhere along this time Ed Parks emailed me and indicated that he thought the car could be fixed. I sent him some pictures and we talked about it and finally decided to do it. I now had two obstacles to overcome -- one, I had already sold some of the parts, and two, I live 2600 miles from Ed's shop

The first problem was easy. The person I sold the power windows and locks to had a change in circumstances and suddenly didn't need them, so he shipped them back. A friend at work to whom I had sold the decklid and wing agreed to sell it back to me. George Ryan let me back out of selling him the leather seats, and Beau Hunter let me back out of selling him the auxiliary gauge pod.

Now I just needed to get the car to Alabama. I checked into having it shipped and that would have been around $1100, so I put out a plea for help on the Fiero lists. I got a few responses from people that could take it the last 1000 miles there, but nobody that could help with the first 1600. So behind the '88 GT in my signature file, I added "(needs ride to Fiero Factory)". A month later Ken Stolz joined the list, saw my signature file, and asked me about it. Ken was going down that direction and offered to help. Best of all, Ken lives in Missoula, Montana which is only about 500 miles from me.

It all fell together from there. I borrowed a van and trailer from a local autocrosser and towed the car to Ken. The car sat at Ken's house for two weeks, then Ken, on a trip to Chicago, towed it down to George Ryan in Tulsa. The car sat at George's place for two more weeks and then George towed it down to Ed's for the swap meet at the end of April.

Over the past 7 months, Ed and his crew have rebuilt my car into the beautiful specimen that it once was. Last week I flew to Nashville and rented a car to drive down to the Fiero Factory. What did I see when I pulled in to that parking lot, but my shiny black GT sitting in front of the shop with a big red bow on the windshield. It nearly brought tears to my eyes.

I finally got to meet Ed and Jeremy, see the Fiero Factory, and sign the guest wall. After hanging out, chatting, and taking pictures for a few hours, I hit the road. I stopped in Omaha for a couple days to spend Christmas with my family, then continued on back to Seattle. The car made the 2600 mile journey with no problems. Ironically, this is almost the amount of miles I put on it before it was wrecked.

Today I went through the state patrol inspection required for totaled vehicles, and next week I'll buy plates for it. It feels good to have this car back on the road after over a year.

Fiero folks are the greatest. Thank you all for your help. I couldn't have done it without all of you.

Doug Chase (dougcha at msn dot com)

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