Ed's Alerts

Ed's Alerts are tips and tricks straight from the floor of The Fiero Factory. They are posted immediately as they are discovered, in hopes of saving the consumers lost time and money.

Latest Alert

Friends, we have just run into a problem that we feel you should be aware of.

Bad oil pressure senders. Can be in different brands of boxes, for different year models, but all are made in Taiwan.

We keep 88 senders on the shelf as we use them during 4.9 conversions. So, when we needed one for a new 3.4 in an 88, had some on hand. 3 in a row were faulty. Symptoms are: oil pressure gauge pegs, fuel pump does not have initial run, and gauges fuse may blow.

This past week, had an email from a fellow we were working with to try and find out why his gauges fuse would blow, and car still had long start time. He wrote to say it turned out to be the new oil pressure sender we had suggested he change for the initial long start problem. His car is an 85 (different sender then 88).

We then got a phone call from a fellow with an 86 that wanted to know if we thought he should replace his fuel pump as he had just changed his oil pressure sender in his 86 and that did not cure his fuel delivery problem. We asked if he now had a pegged oil pressure gauge and blown gauges fuse. He was surprised at the question, but answered "yes". He just thought that was another problem he would have to fix.

He had a used sender in a parts car and we suggested he try it first. He called back to say he had no more problems after installing the used part.

I think we can conclude there has been a batch of internally miswired oil pressure senders distributed across the country. Very likely they are wired like the 2 prong senders used by cars without a gauge.

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