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Randy Agee - Swap Meet Attendee

Like....... I'm talking major Loony Toons type of crazy.

This guy lives in Alabama, drinks gallons of gooey black coffee, smokes enough cigarettes to keep RJ Reynolds going strong, and has a place called the "Fiero Factory". Now I ain't knockin' Alabama or nothin' like that.... it's a beautiful place. It's just that it's not, know, quite located in the most accessible place for the major population centers of the US to get to.

That alone should qualify Ed for an extended vacation at the Funny Farm.

But....... get this........... the guy has a HUGE place with literally thousands of Fiero Parts....... and this is what he does for a LIVING. I mean - it's not a hobby, he doesn't do it as a side job - this is the guy's bread and butter....... the way he pays all his bills.

So....... what does he go and do the last weekend in April?

You won't believe this..... so I'll tell you what he does....... He takes money out of HIS pocket and goes out and rents a bunch of tents.... and a couple of portable Johnny houses ...... and then he invites every friggin' Fiero club, hobbyist, seller..... I mean everybody....... doesn't matter if they are FOA, FOCOA, IFC, GOP, FCC, or whatever..... to come to his place and SELL EXACTLY THE SAME STUFF HE SELLS TO EARN A LIVING. Then the crazy ol' coot REFUSES to sell any of HIS stuff to anyone until the last day of the meet so the guys in the field can sell THEIR stuff.

Go figure...... The guy has gotta be two sandwiches short of a picnic.

What totally blows my mind is that he won't charge a vendor's fee. Nada, zilch, zero, nothing. Shucks, when someone tried to slip him a $20 bill on the side he got all huffy and puffy - refusing to take it like he didn't need it or somethin'. You know what he did? He told them to go buy some of the 50/50 tickets - that way he would get half of it. Half...... the other half would go to the winner of the ticket drawing. Sheetz, the guy is playing left field with a catcher's mitt.

Now..... you gotta' picture this..... all these guys and gals (well, Sheryl and Jennifer are gals) are out in this field next to Ed's shop swarming over a pile of Fiero artifacts like an army of ants who just discovered a kid's ice cream cone plopped in the middle of the sidewalk. You want to know where Ed is? He is right there in the mix of this insane madness SHOWING people who has what and telling them it is a good buy WHEN HE HAS EXACTLY THE SAME STUFF OUT BACK FOR SALE AS WELL. His momma must of dropped him on his head when he was a child or something...... this just ain't normal..........

Then...... now listen to this real hard........ he turns around on Sunday and lets a bunch of guys bring their cars into his shop and put them up on his lift to do some odds and ends...... like drop an engine out of an old GT destined to become a trailer... or something like that. Hells Bells....... didn't anyone ever tell the guy you gotta have customers wait in the front of the shop and read last year's McCalls magazines 'cause of insurance regulations and stuff like that?

Now....... while all this is going on outside..... his wife, Rosy, is sitting up front greeting everyone and blessing them with a smile. Never a frown, scowl, or even an occasional "wait you turn, buster" for an over anxious interrupter. Who ever heard of running a business like this?

What really takes the cake is when it is all over and done.....and everybody is gone...... Ed and Rosy will go out, pick up the trash and worry if the folks who were there had a good time or not.

About the only thing that is missing is the Baby Back Rib Bar-B-Q at the end of the day....... Don't be surprised if you see it next year though.

Yep, Ed Parks is as nutty as a fruitcake. If anyone ever needed Locktite for a birthday present, it's gotta be Ed.

But, know what? I kinda like my crazy friends.

Thanks Ed and Rosy. You guys are absolutely the GREATEST!

Randy Agee
The Fiero Ranch
Mechanicsville, VA

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