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Chevrolet Camaro 3.4 V6 Upgrade

We had a drill guide plate manufactured that allows drilling and tapping starter mounting holes on an assembled 3.4 longblock. After that it is simple to redress it with all the Fiero V6 parts so that it looks EXACTLY like the original engine. The 3.4's have a plug where the distributor installs (even TDC, but head is in the way, tried that to see if we could run TDC with Fiero computer). Just remove plug, install distributor, and you'll find the distributor hold down bolt hole is even threaded! There are a few easy bracket modifications to do or that we furnish.

The 3.4 needed is used in 93-95 Camaro's and Firebird's. It is also available new from GM Performance as a replacement for S-10 and Blazer. Larger flow rate injectors have to be used and don't come with the "crate" engine. These would have to be purchased separately. They will come with engines pulled from wrecked cars.. Must use the 3.4 injectors, or 305 chevy (both will "clip" to the Fiero fuel rail). We also use an adjustable fuel regulator to be on the safe side. Have found different engines (depending on cam and exhaust headers) like different pressures.

There are a few other minor mods as well as the major one of changing starter sides. We are charging $450 to modify the block. If you are auto, part of the 3.4 needs to be cutaway to clear the trans. Not necessary for std trans. The bolt hole that takes the bolt from the pass side, lowest bellhousing one toward the trunk, is threaded in the 3.4 and needs to be drilled smooth. The oil pressure sensor tube needs an adapter, 3.4 blocks are minus one of the bosses that the engine shock mounts to. That boss is also where the a/c adjusting bracket bolts. Cure is: shock mount bracket with bolt welded from the back to become a stud. 88's will then need 85-87 a/c bracket.

A modified 85-87 front engine mount bracket must be used on the 88 engine cradle if you use the 3.4 oil pan. 87-88 timing covers will work with 3.4 pan, otherwise use cover and pan from 85-86 2.8. 3.4 dampner needs to aligned with the 2.8, and new timing mark cut. Lower bellhousing bolt hole (trans side) is threaded on 3.4. Drill out threads for bolt coming from opposite direction to transaxle. Reducer bushing necessary for oil sensor tube. Clip wires from 3.4 cam and crank sensor and leave installed, is easiest way to plug these holes. (crate engines come with plugs) Remove 3.4 oil cooler, and install 2.8 filter adapter. 3.4's need neutrally balanced flexplate/flywheel which 88 2.8's already have. A 4-5 lb heavier flywheel available for 3.4TDC from Chev for about 1/3 the cost of 88 Fiero. (They are identical except for weight).

An 87-88 Fiero timing chain cover will work with the 3.4 oil pan. You would need to use both your 85 or 86 pan and cover, as a set. It also requires a Fiero water pump instead of the 3.4's. Most folks want a new water pump installed, plugs, wires, belts, maybe a clutch at this time. Since the cost of transferring all the old parts is included, there is no further labor charge if they are new parts, just the cost of any new parts you might want/need. Can't give an exact price, since it would depend on you, and the purchase cost of the 3.4

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